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Still, there are a lot of cases when construction, marketing, retail, and other industries benefit from this type of company-client relations. One of the main reasons why companies choose the offshore development service is to reduce cost on development. This is especially relevant for countries with high development cost.

Outsourced teams work according to the defined iterations, where they deploy one feature at a time. This allows a better look at the problems and their elimination right away. So, when most of the features are deployed, testers have already tested these features and ensured there were no bugs. Outsourcing is the delegation of business tasks to third parties who are specialists in a particular field. With WhTech-WMS you can manage access and always know the location of your assets.

It never happens instantly. The business game is longer than you know.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to choose a suitable outstaffing and outsourcing partner for your company. Outsourcing and outstaffing are two of the most widely used IT models nowadays. Outsourcing is an amazing idea for companies that need a complete team of IT specialists to undertake a specific project.

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Instead of hiring new employees or expanding their in-house IT department, companies can tap into the expertise and skills of external IT specialists on a flexible basis. In contrast, outstaffing services offer more flexibility, allowing companies to hire and release employees as needed. Numerous studies indicate that outstaffing emerges as a notably cost-effective and efficient strategy for businesses in the software development industry. The outstaffing model caters to the industry’s intense demand for specialized skills, offering a cost-efficient approach to accessing a wide talent pool. Specifically, IT outstaffing companies have reported higher employee retention rates and improved overall team satisfaction. Many people believe that there is no distinction between offshore outstaffing and outsourcing development models.

Outstaffing Advantages and Disadvantages

Yet, as a rule, while small companies with internal teams benefit more from outstaffing, large projects call for outsourcing. Outstaffing is better for smaller companies that need software engineers, QAs, or other tech professionals to power their existing https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ teams. You should prefer this option if you need to grow quickly, lack human resources for specific tasks, or have a limited budget. We now hope that you’re better equipped with the knowledge to choose the winner in the outstaffing vs outsourcing game.

outstaffing model

Cooperation with an outstaffing service provider can signal the deficit of expertise needed to bring a great idea to fruition. Outsourcing works exceptionally well for projects that require a whole team of developers and project managers to bring the client’s vision to life. When a project demands a comprehensive set of skills, expertise, and resources, outsourcing can be the ideal solution to assemble a dedicated team tailored to the project’s specific requirements. Outsourcing literally means a company gives their idea to a remote development team — and they deliver a final digital product. While an outsource vendor provides their technical and management expertise, the company can focus on its business. The concept behind is to reduce costs and a way to use someone else’s highly-specialised expertise and experience.

Decision-making:  IT Outsourcing vs IT Outstaffing

This is the reason why outsourcing companies pay so much attention to figuring out the project goals and conducting a discovery phase. With outsourcing, team management happens on the side of the offshore web development agency. It can be said that offshore outstaffing model developers become literally remote in-house developers for the customer’s company for the whole period of cooperation with offshore agencies. Companies are forced to make that choice every time they need to build projects or implement a new feature.

In this arrangement, the outsourced developers continue to work at their workplaces but are fully managed by the client company. Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose one or both of the models for upcoming programming projects. With staff augmentation, a company chooses to add to their team individual engineers who are legally employed by another company—outstaffing one. In this way, clients don’t have to find and select the developer(s) for their company themselves. They select from already vetted professional developers available in outstaffing company’s talent pool. By partnering with such a company, your business gets a team or worker to perform a specific task/project.

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You can respond swiftly to changes in the market without having to worry about keeping a set workforce. Outstaffing gives you the freedom to adjust resources up or down in accordance with project needs. By modifying the amount of staff, businesses may quickly adapt to shifting market conditions or project specifications. With this flexibility, firms may continue to operate quickly and economically. At an early stage, they hired a design firm to help with their product. They have also redesigned Slack’s logo and created most elements that customers see when interacting with the messenger.

  • Before we launch our “which is better outsourcing or outstaffing” tirade, let’s refresh our knowledge about the two notions.
  • Our clients have the option of choosing the engagement model which best suits their requirements, including team extension, dedicated teams, pod teams, and remote development centers.
  • Alternatively, agree on communication rules, such as sending queries by a specific hour and provide response in 2 working days.
  • Outsourced teams work according to the defined iterations, where they deploy one feature at a time.
  • Instead of building an expensive in-house team, many companies opt to outsourcing and outstaffing (IT staff augmentation).

This type of employment is special because a company outstaffs a certain part of its legally registered employees to fulfill their duties and execute the tasks set by the customer company. Sign the outstaffing agreement and formally onboard the outstaffed developers to your team. Provide clear guidelines, task scopes, and expectations to ensure they can be productive as soon as possible. You can do so on search engines, business forums, or browsing a professional platform like Clutch. Take note of their locations, years in service, and areas of expertise.

Benefits of Outstaffing Model for IT

It’s important to do your research and due diligence to make sure that you’re working with a reputable and reliable company. The main difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is the subject of the contract. Align the choice of model with the long-term goals and strategic direction of the business. Consider whether the project or function is a one-time requirement or if it aligns with the broader objectives of the business. Evaluate if the chosen model supports future growth and scalability, in this case IT outstaffing suits you best. Your service provider can ensure industry standards, regulatory compliance, and technological advancements.

outstaffing model

This gives you more control over the direction of the project since they are working directly under your supervision. Whether you choose outsourcing or outstaffing, will entirely depend on the purpose you are planning to hire extra personnel. Outsourcing has proven itself, especially in the IT sector, as recruiting a developing team is tricky, energy-intensive, and often unprofitable. It is much more efficient to address any recruitment agencies and hire a remote team of developers. Take into account any industry-specific considerations, regulations, or standards that may influence the choice between IT outstaffing and IT outsourcing. Certain industries may have specific requirements or restrictions that can affect the suitability of each model.

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Outstaffing is a type of offshore web development where a customer hires a contractor from a software outsourcing company to carry out development tasks. However, only some provide the reliability, talent, and professionalism that businesses value. If you hire outstaffed developers who can’t deliver results, it will hinder rather than help your business. Next, hold an in-person interview with the outstaffing team, preferably with a technical manager.

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