16 Must-Have eCommerce App Features

To ensure that your e-commerce app has a shopping cart, you can use Appy Pie’s shopping cart app builder to create it. That’s why it’s important to choose a payment gateway ecommerce web service that allows you to integrate with your mobile app. This way, your customers can store their credit card details securely and easily enter them on their mobile devices.

ecommerce mobile app features

This sector was witnessing everyday growth even before the pandemic situations of Covid-19 were there. This scenario allowed several business owners to develop more online stores by implementing eCommerce apps. In considering online shopping, we know that it can be quite tricky sometimes. As a result, this might be why the deployment of a smooth return process proves to be an essential factor. No product page can be considered complete without an adequate product gallery.

Never forget the rating and review feature

He has excellent expertise in decision-making and problem-solving because of his professional experience of more than ten years in the IT industry. You may create a great customer experience in your eCommerce mobile app by allowing users to choose from many shipping services and adding the shipping address quickly. Having a shopping cart within your eCommerce app is certainly one of the most crucial features. No online store is complete without this feature, regardless of the niche. Digital Advertising integrates ecommerce functionality to deliver promotional material to the consumers.

  • Online shopping can be tricky, and products customers receive sometimes depart from what they imagined to be, or one of their features is wrong .
  • The mobile screen doesn’t do justice to the product in terms of viewing, so it’s useful to add more detail about the products.
  • A product page is incomplete without a proper product gallery that includes at least several pictures of the item.
  • So it is helpful to integrate this feature as it indicates how many products a specific category contains and the number of products the users have seen and are left with on the list.
  • To stay ahead of your competitors and give your users the best possible mobile shopping experience, you need a top-notch mobile eCommerce app for mobile.
  • Users may wait for a discount or just don’t have money for purchase at the particular moment.

The cost of making an eCommerce mobile app from IndianAppDevelopers can range from $15000 to $120,000 depending on customized complex apps. Hire an app developer team in India on a short-term, retainer, or long-term basis to build a new eCommerce mobile app from scratch that is competent enough in custom app solutions. In case you are still looking for the final app development cost of an eCommerce mobile app.

Top eCommerce Mobile App Features for the Next 5 Years

Brands can offer users personalized and enhanced shopping experiences by leveraging the data. It helps in marketing activities like negotiating, fixing prices, improving product features, and building stronger customer relationships. Users highly value the access to other users’ ratings and reviews as they want to be entirely sure while making a purchase, and this functionality offers them just that. A. The app allows users to purchase products online straight from their smartphones. The online store app has some necessary features which help improve the online shopping experience. Sometimes, users browse online stores looking for inspirations and goods to purchase someday .

Many retailers today use sophisticated recommendation engines to drive personalization. It is effortless to attract the customer’s attention towards products, offers, and discounts that match their taste, leading to a probable conversion. Personalized content also helps in expanding the business reach and enhancing customer engagement with the brand. This, in turn, drives customer loyalty and encourages customers to revisit your online store. Personalization has been in play for a significant time now, but it is crucial to leverage thepower of personalization in eCommerce shoppingapps.

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They can also check whether that product is available at other physical stores. This functionality works great for online stores with traditional stores/physical stores at various locations. This functionality allows app users to choose from available shipping options and displays the charges for each option and the estimated delivery time for each option.

ecommerce mobile app features

Offline availability of a fewfeatureson an eCommerce shopping app is a sure-shot way of boosting customer experience. The customers should access some of the features even when they have intermittent or no access to the internet. An opportunity to showcase your product to the customer in a real-world context is what Augmented https://globalcloudteam.com/ Reality equips your eCommerce app with. It has been in the market for a long time, but brands like IKEA have normalized augmented reality in the eCommerce world. Customers have found the augmented reality very helpful during online shopping as it helps clear doubts and hesitations before making the purchase.

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Not only this, but you can also notify your app users about the discount offers and festive offers that you launch for them. Delays or any problem when making payments can force users to avoid purchasing items from your online store. Also, the app users can use this feature to select the best product from your platform by reading customer feedback and ratings. The better solution for this situation is to ask for as much less information from your app users. Integrating your physical store with an online electronic commerce store can increase brand awareness among users.

Apps can offer login via social media platforms and a simple process to reset/retrieve usernames & passwords if the users forget them. Users detest spending a lot of time filling in their information to start using the app. Thus, keeping the access to your app more accessible results in a higher conversion rate and sales volume, making an online store a lot more accessible.

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As we can see, 70% of app users find push notifications very useful, wherein, 40% of people engage with push notifications within an hour, compared to just 8% who ignore them altogether. As per the report by Statista, in 2019, 67% of mobile users purchased something online using their mobile devices. And the data is about to grow by 3.56% in the next year, which means approx 73% of users will purchase online by 2021. A Wishlist allows customers to create a personalized list of items they may want to buy in future, signifying their interest.

ecommerce mobile app features

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